This is where you enter the name of your website or product promotion, remembering to keep it short and snappy. Don’t try to cram it with keywords. Keep it to only the most relevant. Keep in mind for SEO purposes that the first word will have more sway in Google than the other words in your title. In this example, John could choose Dating with Love-Nest to be effective. 

Am einfachsten und schnellsten lassen sich Lead-Informationen abrufen, indem Lead Ads so eingerichtet werden, dass sie mit einer CRM-Lösung einer unserer integrierten Marketingplattformen synchronisiert werden. Zu unseren Partnern gehören derzeit Eloqua, Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Sailthru und Salesforce. Wir arbeiten daran, die Liste integrierter Marketingplattformen in den kommenden Monaten zu erweitern. Wenn du mit einer unserer integrierten Marketingplattformen arbeitest, kannst du Lead-Informationen in Echtzeit erfassen und auf diese Weise den Erwartungen von Kunden entsprechen, denn sie erhalten kurz nach ihrer Kontaktaufnahme die gewünschten Informationen zu deinem Unternehmen.

1. How is AffiloBlueprint program different from these free awesome lessons that you guys provide that walks through everything, I mean... this pretty much covers what one would ever need to know about all this stuff in order to get started with IM, so this makes me wonder then if I buy the AffiloBlueprint subscription, what are some advantages are in that program over this free series of courses?
Frequency: Frequency is how often someone saw your ad. An ideal frequency should vary depending on the type of ad you ran. For example, you’d probably only want someone to see a promoted piece of content once. But it might take multiple views of a Page Like ad before someone takes an action. If any of your ads have a very high frequency but low performance, it may be time to retire the ad.
Additionally, it happens to be that I am trying to do this with a two tier affiliate program. Meaning A group admin would post a link to my site on the FB group/page and then the user would click through to my site and then from my site I would be providing value and referring them to the actual site where they would make the purchase. Do you have any recommendations for how to best do this?
The first step to creating a successful group is choosing your niche. I talk a lot about niches because it’s an incredibly effective way to attract the right kind of audience! If you’re going to put in the effort into well-made posts, you want to make sure they will resonate with your ideal client. Know the demographics of the people you’re targeting so that you can promote the right kinds of products and services to them.
Allerdings gibt es hier den Nachteil, dass Facebook selbstständig Grafik und Text aussucht und man das auch nicht bearbeiten kann. Man kann lediglich die Grafik und den Produkt-Text löschen und nur den eigenen Text samt Affiliatelink veröffentlichen. Das ist allerdings optisch nicht sehr schön. Man kann aber ein eigenes Bild hochladen und den Facebook-Post auf diese Weise optisch attraktiver machen.
Lots of people want to hear from your business, but filling in forms can be difficult on mobile. Facebook lead ads makes the lead generation process easy. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up – it's already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you. With just a few taps, they can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business.
Die Performance deiner Werbeanzeigen messen: Sieh dir aktuelle Daten zur Performance deiner Werbeanzeigen an und plane Berichte ein. Wenn du dir die Ergebnisse auf Kontoebene ansiehst, erhältst du einen Überblick über die Performance aller deiner Kampagnen. Außerdem kannst du dir die wichtigsten Kennzahlen anhand von Aufschlüsselungen ansehen oder Anzeigenberichte planen. Mehr zu Anzeigenberichten im Werbeanzeigenmanager
„Lead Ads sorgten bei Properati für bahnbrechende Veränderungen. In der Vergangenheit hatten wir bereits ähnliche Produkte anderer Kanäle getestet, aber diese konnten sich bei uns nicht bewähren. Seitdem wir Lead Ads testen, haben sich die Kosten pro Lead um das Vierfache reduziert. Gleichzeit hat sich die Anzahl der Leads, die wir normalerweise in Brasilien generieren, um mehr als das Dreifache erhöht.“ – Gabriel Gruber, CEO, Properati

How do social media managers keep up with all of those posts they need to publish? By using a social media content calendar. Just as it sounds, a social media content calendar is a spreadsheet where you write out posts in advance and slot them for specific times. Aside from keeping you sane, a content calendar will help you keep tracking links organized and make it easier to evaluate the overall mix of format and topic you’re posting.
So, why should Facebook bots matter to marketers? For starters, Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users. And since bots are a form of artificial intelligence, their natural language capabilities will undoubtedly get smarter over time. From the perspective of the customer, bots make the shopping and customer support processes much smoother, eliminating the need to scroll through pages and pages of product choices or talk on the phone with a customer service rep. In fact, a HubSpot Research report found that 47% of people are interested in buying items from a bot.