When HubSpot looked into how often you should post on Facebook, quality far outweighed quantity. Pages with over 10,000 followers were the only ones who benefited from posting more frequently. Companies with less than 10,000 followers that posted more than 60 times a month received 60% fewer clicks per post than those who posted five times or fewer.
The first step to creating a successful group is choosing your niche. I talk a lot about niches because it’s an incredibly effective way to attract the right kind of audience! If you’re going to put in the effort into well-made posts, you want to make sure they will resonate with your ideal client. Know the demographics of the people you’re targeting so that you can promote the right kinds of products and services to them.
Warum nicht unter diesen Beitrag Affiliate-Links zu Ticketanbietern posten, welche Tickets für tolle Festivals verkaufen? Der Post sollte noch mit einem sinnvollen Mehrwert angereicht werden, z.B. einer Bewertung des Festivals oder Infos zu deren Headlinern. Wenn der Mehrwert groß ist und dadurch auch die Interaktion auf den eigenen Kommentar, dann hat man sogar die Chance der Top-Kommentar zu sein und damit die Sichtbarkeit des Kommentars mit dem Affiliate-Link deutlich zu steigern.
We finished the four steps from Facebook’s welcome menu, but there are still a few things you can do to customize your Page. For example, every Facebook user has a vertical navigation bar to the left of their News Feed. By adding your Page as a shortcut here, you’ll always have easy access. Go to your News Feed and click on “Edit” next to “Shortcuts” in the left vertical navigation to make it easy to navigate to your Page in the future.